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Company: Adventure Pet Resort, Inc.
Location: Las Vegas
Posted on: May 16, 2022

Job Description:

Job DescriptionChecking in and out of Guests, maintaining charts, cash handling, scanning in paperwork, phone calls, sales information, scheduling guests, verifying records, etc.Pet Care: What Does it Mean?

  • As a pet care provider, you have accepted the responsibility of caring for pets. But, do you really understand what that means? Most people have a very limited idea of what caring for pets entails.
  • As pet care facility operators, we are often told, by well-intentioned pet lovers, "I really envy you, getting to play with dogs and cats all day, I wish I had a job like that."
  • Pets are very similar to children. They require constant care. Some cannot be left unattended for more than a short while without disastrous effects. They seem to enjoy making a mess, and have no concept of cleaning it up. They must be fed quality foods, have access to fresh water, and be kept in consistently sanitary conditions. They need human interaction, socialization and exercise to be happy and well adjusted.People Need Pets - And Pets Need Care Givers.
    • When owners can't be there for their pets, they tum to pet care professionals. You have taken on a big responsibility. You must be consistently thorough, alert and reliable. Caring for pets is rarely a nine-to-five job and can be very demanding of your time and your patience. If you have what it takes, the pet care profession can be very rewarding. There are many opportunities for advancement and branching out into other fields. When the day is done, and you know you have lived up to your responsibilities, care giving is very satisfying.Work Ethic
      • A good work ethic begins to develop at a young age. How we were raised, where we were raised and our parents' expectations of us all contribute to a good or poor work ethic.
      • People who were raised in an environment where everything was handed to them, and who never had to work for anything, are more apt to have a poor attitude toward work; they've never had to do it. People raised in a household where children are expected to do everything, many times grow up hating the idea of work, especially if there were no rewards for the work that was done. Then there are those who were raised in a household where chores were to be completed, you followed through with something you started, and were rewarded for a job well done. Such households generally fostered a good work ethic.
      • We hope you have chosen this occupation because you feel you will find it truly satisfying. Monetary rewards may be a factor, but they should be secondary to the rewards of having a satisfying position and being committed to doing it to the best of your abilities. If you enjoy the job, it transforms itself from being a burden to an enjoyable part of life, where you can find something new and interesting every day.An employee with good work ethics would:
        • Be Industrious - Learn the job well enough to solve most of the problems without having to constantly go to the manager for direction. However, you must know which problems to take to the manager, and which ones to solve yourself.
        • Be Informed - Know the business and your role within it. This is important in terms of morale, as well as performance. If you are not clear on your position and responsibilities, ask.
        • Be Honest - Work is a privilege, not a right. We all understand that stealing from the company makes for a bad employee. But one must also understand that an employee who stands around and wastes the company's time, or uses company equipment and supplies (such as phones, copiers or pet food) for personal matters without first obtaining permission, is stealing. Theft of time, supplies or services is still theft - every bit as much as reaching in the cash box and taking money.
        • Be Loyal - When you accept a job, it is a commitment to your employer. If you choose to be part of their team, you should be a dedicated member of that team.Dependability
          • Animals are routine creatures and will be relying on you to provide for their care. Your employer has determined the staff schedule according to the number of pets to be cared for. In some facilities, one absentee employee could be a substantial percentage of the day's staff. If you fail to show up for your shift, or are late in arriving, the pets' routine has been disrupted and the rest of the team must take up the slack. As a responsible employee you should strive to maintain reasonable health standards and schedule personal affairs on your off duty hours. In doing so, they will not interfere with the performance of your job.In a service-oriented business, good customer service is a "MUST." Without customers, there's no business. In the pet care industry, you actually have two customers to make happy. You have the pet, and you have the pet's owner. The pet is usually the easiest one for everyone to deal with and make happy, our focus must be on the owner. They will be the one who brings the pet back time, and time again. We need to make them feel special when they come to our businesses. If they feel special, they will know their pet is also special to us.

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